Membership Info

Membership Info

CrossFit Farmingdale is a coaching/training facility. You will have certified CrossFit trainers coaching every time you step into our doors.  At a local gym like the local YMCA or Globo big box gym you may only pay $50 a month. You have to understand that that is an access fee. This small fee just gives you access to their gym. Inquire about personal training there and you’ll see the value of our Coaching Membership.  In this region, 12-15 personal training seasons per month can cost you over $800 per month at your local gym plus the cost of membership. We are tiny fraction of that price — and you will get better results and have a better time.  We’re actually very affordable for the service and results you receive.

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CrossFit Farmingdale’s On-Ramp Course

All New CrossFit Farmingdale Members are Required to take our On-Ramp Course.  The emphasis on the On-Ramp is on skill development and exposure to our basic movements.  It is designed to prepare you to enter our ongoing group classes.  During the On-Ramp course we focus on technique both to ensure your safety and success at the next level.  We will introduce you to technique and mechanics first, then increase intensity.  The cost of the On Ramp Course also includes the first 2 weeks of your membership.

Each On-Ramp course will start with working on skills and will end with an intro baseline workout that will get progressively more challenging as the course progresses.  The difficulty of these workouts is ultimately up to you…the degree that you push yourself will determine how intense your workout is.

The On-Ramp course utilizes 4 – 1 hour sessions to introduce you into CrossFit. These classes are offered two mornings and two evenings per week for your convenience.  In addition to these 4 classes participants are encouraged to attend another class each week during the On Ramp, to “learn by doing”.  If proficiency and competence has been shown while performing a specific set of skill-oriented CrossFit tasks during this period, the individual is able to move on to the general CrossFit classes. If more time is needed to further achieve proficiency, the athlete will be encouraged to attend additional fundamentals sessions or take personal 1-on-1 training.

Shifts in body composition are one of the most motivating ways to measure success.  We highly encourage you to take “Before” pictures at the beginning of the On-Ramp Class.

On- Ramp Fees

Four-One Hour Small Group Sessions to Introduce you to CrossFit

(Includes first month payment)

$225 Per Person or $325 Per Couple or $299 for 1-on-1 private On-Ramp( 2x 1½ hour sessions)

Please see our schedule for current On-Ramp Class times.

If our current scheduled On-Ramp class times do not fit your schedule, please email us to discuss other options.

Membership Options

We have no long-term contracts, no up front fees, no high pressure salesmen.

6 month Pay in Full (PIF) receive 05% off    –    12 month Pay in Full (PIF) receive 10% off

Unlimited month-to-month

$175/month           12mons. PIF = 10% off         6mons PIF = 05% off

One Member + One Family Member (couples or child ONLY)

$280/month                          12mons. PIF = 10% off         6mons PIF = 05% off

Teacher and Corporate Discount

$165/month                          12mons. PIF = 10% off         6mons PIF = 05% off

Active Military/Law Enforcement/EMS/ Student (24 Years of Age or older & Proof of 6+ Credits)

$125/month                          12mons. PIF = 10% off         6mons PIF = 05% off

Active Military/Law Enforcement/EMS + One Family Member (couples or child ONLY)

$225/month                          12mons. PIF = 10% off         6mons PIF = 05% off

Full-Time Student (Under 24 Years of Age & Proof of 12+ Credits)

$125/month                          12mons. PIF = 10% off         6mons PIF = 05% off

10 visit punch card = For certain circumstances

1-on-1 Personal Training – $50/hr

Unlimited Lifetime Membership –  Please contact one of our trainers for more details.  Only a small amount of these will be available each year.

Day Drop-In Rate for Out of Town CrossFitters = $20 or a Men’s size large shirt from YOUR affiliate, or women’s size medium from YOUR affiliate.

Week Drop-In Rate for Out of Town CrossFitters = $50 or a Men’s size large  Shirt AND a Women’s Medium Shirt from your affiliate.

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