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8 Essential tips for living a paleo lifestyle

Although we consistently refer to eating paleo as “the paleo diet”, it is in fact much more than a diet. Paleo living is a lifestyle, a modern day version of the hunter-gatherer way of living. It doesn’t always seem easy to continue paleo in a world which promotes TV dinners and foods which cause pain and illness in the body. However, the longer you stay paleo the more natural it becomes.

Here are some essential paleo lifestyle tips to help you keep working towards that goal of ultimate health.

1. Keep Your Cupboards Fully Stocked – One of the worst things that can happen is to run out of food. Don’t get caught short with empty cupboards, go out and gather your supplies! Keep fresh fish and vegetables as well as pre-cooked meals in your freezer, these are not only easy to store over a longer period of time, but are easy to cook up for a healthy paleo meal.

2. Cook Big – Following a paleo diet means regular food preparation and cooking. Save time on cooking by cooking big batches of food which can be refrigerated.

3. Eliminate Junk Food – Temptation is a distraction you don’t need, and “out of sight out of mind” is very true when it comes to chocolate, crisps and sweets. You may miss these things initially, but once you can’t be tempted you will quickly adapt to their absence. That said, there is nothing wrong with having the odd piece of birthday cake or other non-paleo food on a special occasion (personal preference of course), just make sure you are aware of what you’re eating and don’t let it become a habit.

4. Paleo Need Never Be Boring – Add herbs and spices to your meals for increased taste sensation. Basil, ginger, paprika, chili, mint, parsley and curry leaves are all fantastic ways to make your paleo meals flavorsome and exciting.

5. Mix Up Your Vegetables – For maximum nutritional intake make sure you cover a wide spectrum of vegetable colors.

6. Always Have a Back-up Plan – There will be times when you need paleo friendly food but can’t locate any. Be sure to carry a can of tuna, some dried fruit or beef jerky to keep you going until you reach a paleo friendly domain.

7. Plan Ahead – Devise a weekly meal planner to help ensure you have the required ingredients at home to cook paleo. This will save you time and frustration when you return home from work during the week to cook your evening meal.

8. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! – Eating should be enjoyable and the paleo diet is no different. Keep experimenting with different recipes and combinations of food.

(Paleo Cookbooks 2011)

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