CF = Workout of the Day (WOD)

Advanced Fundamentals = This class is great for our CrossFit members to improve their weight lifting form and other CrossFit Skills.

On Ramp Class = The On Ramp Class is the introduction course composed of 4 classes to introduce a new member into CrossFit. 
For more information please see our Getting Started page.

Below is the On-Ramp schedule. Within each day combination, there are 5 different start dates that you can choose from to start your 4 consecutive classes.

For example: If you choose Monday and Wednesday 8am and pick the January 7th start date, your consecutive classes after the 7th would be Jan. 9th,14th,16th.

Monday & Wednesday 8am –

Tuesday – Thursday 7pm – 8:30PM – Feb. 17, Mar. 03, Mar. 17

Groupon On-Ramp Sign up page.

If you sign up for the On-Ramp classes, you MUST attend all four consecutive classes in that group.

It is important for your safety and development that you attend all four classes in that particular order.

If you want to cancel your reservation for an On-Ramp class, please let me know ASAP. There are other athletes that are waiting to have your spot.

If you register for a class and you do not show up without giving a 24 hour notice, you will lose that class.

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