About Us

Who We Are

CrossFit Farmingdale is a Crossfit-dedicated.   We are  conveniently located just off Rt 110, 2 blocks east of SUNY Farmingdale on Central Ave between New highway and Pinelawn Rd.  The primary focus of our businesses is health and wellness.  Whether you are healing from an injury, working on basic fitness, or trying to excel to your next fitness goal we are the facility for you.

CrossFit Farmingdale provides a high-intensity core strength and conditioning program that focuses on all ten components of optimal physical fitness: Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. We offer group training and private personal training. Our group training sessions integrate techniques and skill work with highly varied, challenging workouts.  Our one-to-one personal training sessions provide focused individual guidance and coaching tailored to the individual’s needs and goals.

What We Believe

We are the CrossFitters of CrossFit Farmingdale. We are a different breed. We get excited about things most people avoid. We train hard, harder than we ever thought possible. We train with intensity and purpose. Total exhaustion after a workout is appealing.

We strive for performance and take pleasure in small victories. Five more pounds… two seconds quicker… one more rep. These are the milestones we strive for. These are the reasons we come in day after day and do the things we do.

We have learned that form and foundation come first, then consistency, and last intensity.  They are to occur in that order for us to be successful.  We know there is no short cut to results worth having.  We do not fall for gimmicks; we submit that hard work is the only thing that will pay off. We may struggle, curse, and cry but we will never quit or cheat.

We know our weaknesses in the gym.  We know avoiding them won’t make us any better. The only way to get better is to work on them.

We acknowledge that diet is the most important part of any workout program.  It is the foundation for how our bodies perform and the fuel that powers our workouts.

We are also a little intense. We try and explain to friends and family why our shins are scraped up, our hands torn, why we have jump rope lashes on our arms and legs. Then immediately we try to convince them to come workout with us. Get more than two of us together and try to have a conversation about something else…..Won’t happen. We wear ridiculous looking gear and shoes and sometimes no shoes at all.

Most of all we are a community.  We suffer together, we succeed together, and get stronger together. We cheer each other on.  We help each other push through the pain and achieve things we never thought possible.  Both inside and outside of the gym we are family.  We come from all walks of life and find common ground every day in the gym.

We respect the challenge of a good workout, the experience of our coaches, the camaraderie of our fellow crossfitters. Most of all we respect ourselves.

We are the CrossFitters of CrossFit Farmingdale.

3.2.1 GO!

Our Rules

-We are a community; we support, cheer, assist, push and motivate one another.

-PR’s will be celebrated like childbirth!

-We are respectful but not politically correct.  We curse, fart, yell, grunt, scream, sweat, bleed, etc.  You will too.

-Your mom doesn’t work here. Put your equipment away.  If you sweat, bleed, or puke on it sanitize it!

-If you use too much chalk we have the right to make fun of you. You’re not Lebron James.

-You’re allowed to cry before, during, and after the workout just don’t act like a baby.

-Check your baggage at the door. Leave your ego, drama, and rumors at home.

-Be Responsible For Your Own Fitness.  Scaling back a workout when necessary is intelligent, not weak. You cannot get fitter by staring at a bar that is too heavy.  If you have an injury let us know.

-Do not cheat. Do every rep, with solid technique, no matter the time it takes. No one cares what your score was.  Everyone cares if you cheated.  If you lose count during a WOD, you start at 1.

-Please don’t coach unless you are a certified CFF coach.  We do encourage you to cheer others on!  We have a great coaching staff, if someone needs help please grab one of us.

-We do not have TV’s, fancy cardio equipment, smoothie bars, or air conditioning.  If you need those please leave immediately.

-Mind and clean up after your Children.  If not we will give them an espresso, a pound of sugar, and a free puppy.  For everyone’s safety and sanity kids are not to be on the workout floor.  We have a kids room for kids.

-Keep the gym awesome.  Introduce yourself.  We are more than a gym, we are a community.

-Brag to your family and friends. You’re getting in the best shape of your life.  You’re having fun.  You’re doing things you never thought possible.  Be proud of this.  Shout your awesomeness from the mountain tops.

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